(pronounced: cow-a-co she-ba e-new)

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Hopefuls are the newest additions to our show dog family.  We generally keep a female puppy from our litters and occasionally we buy a puppy from another breeder. HOPEFULLY the pups we keep turn into beautiful, healthy adults that we can show and later incorporate into our breeding program.  Many number of things can go wrong with a puppy that would make us decide to place her as a pet.  Dentition can go off, topline may not be level or heaven forbid the tail is too tight!  Most of all, to be great show dog, a dog must enjoy showing off. She must stand out to the judge as the dog that yells "Pick ME!  Pick ME!" and since showing dogs is what we enjoy doing we keep the best prospects we can.  Sometimes a dog doesn't like being a show dog but still offers something to the breeding program.  You can't force a dog to show, so we find something else she enjoys doing.
This page was last updated: 7/8/2019
National Shiba Club of American (NSCA) the AKC parent club for the Shiba Inu requires all members to have the hips, eyes & knees of their Shibas tested clear before breeding them.

At Kawako we strive to breed only the healthiest Shibas.  All of our imported Shibas as well as our home bred Shibas are being DNA tested by Embark for all 160+ Shiba & canine specific genetic diseases currently identifiable by DNA. 

In addition to the 3 tests (eyes, hips & patellas) required by NSCA we also do the following 5 OFA certifiable tests: thyroid, dentition (teeth), cardiac, degenerative myelopathy & GM1 gangliosidosis for a total of 8 OFA certifiable tests.

While it's unreasonable to think a breeder can guarantee a puppy will be 100% free from all genetically transmitted diseases we do guarantee we have done the very best we possibly can to only bring beautiful, healthy, well tempered Shibas into the world. 

Thank you so much for visiting our site and we would be honored if you would consider
us when looking for a Shiba Inu Puppy in the Portland, Oregon  area.

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