This page was last updated: 4/6/2017
Cheri is happy to announce that her Shibas on canvas and Cafe Press items have been used as awards at Shiba shows across the US and Canada.  Quantity discounts are offered to clubs.

You can get your own Shiba art on canvas by contacting Cheri directly and you can purchase  items with her designs at her Cafe Press shop. Following the link to the left by clicking on the Shiba face.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and we would be honored if you would consider
us when looking for A Shiba Inu Puppy in the Portland, Oregon  area.

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(pronounced: cow-a-co she-ba e-new)

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We would like to introduce you to our lovely dogs. Our dogs live good lives full of joy and adventure.  They have lots of freedom to run in the fresh air on our country farm. Exercise, training and love are things dogs thrive on. All of our dogs are first and foremost our pets but on the average of about one weekend per month they double as show dogs. I call them show/pets; show quality dogs that live as family pets. We have owned generation after generation of quality, health tested show & breeding Shibas that have proven to be excellent companions.

We believe that a dog used for breeding should have their beauty, quality, temperament and trainability assessed by participating in breed shows & obedience competition and compared to the breeding programs of other top breeders of Shibas.  We have long been believers that if you ONLY breed to the written standard all you do is preserve the appearance.  You must also test and breed for performance if you want to preserve a breeds function and temperament. Shibas are hunting dogs and we actively use them as such, hunting vermin on our farm.

Lastly, all breeding dogs must pass health tests which are certified with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA.)  We're proud to say our dogs come from many generations of health screened ancestors in both a traditional and vertical pedigree search. 

Whether you get a puppy from us or somewhere else NEVER purchase a puppy who's parents are not OFA certified and ALWAYS view their certificates and insist on and check the breeder's references.
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VISITING US FROM CANADA....AKC, CKC, UKC & IABCA Int'l Champion "KUROTAKA" (Black Hawk)  Kuro possesses an outgoing & friendly temperament with a great willingness to please & eagerness to learn that I just LOVE! Kuro is CHIC certified & DNA tested and offered at stud to Shiba ladies of merit.  Kuro's puppies are extremely even-tempered and kid friendly and they also have his beautiful markings.  Kuro puppy owners will provide you with glowing reviews of their puppies just for the asking.  We have 2 Kuro daughters and look forward to seeing how they'll impact our next generations of bright red and outstanding black & tan Kawako Shibas!
HANERUMARI "MARI" (Bouncing Ball) Mari is an absolutely lovely girl with a sweet personality. Thank you Kawamiasou Shibas for thinking of us and sending us this beautifully marked black & tan.  Mari has grown up strong and happy running around on the farm. We anticipate tons of joy from Mari who is full of typical Shiba contradictions and always surprises us by coming when called!   Mari has her CHIC and soon we will incorporate Mari's outstanding offspring into our black & tan breeding program.  If you want an active family dog ask about a Mari puppy of your own.  You will not be disappointed.
IABCA Int'l Champion"TAKA" (Hawk) Taka is a demur and feminine Shiba who prefers the quiet life on the farm entertaining her people. Taka is extremely loving & cuddly.  She is an easy going and fairly obedient Shiba with a very biddable temperament which makes her a wonderful companion and one of my very favorite traveling buddies.  Like her father Kuro, Taka is a quick study so I believe Taka could really excel at tracking as she is calm and can really focus. Taka has her CHIC and is a HOME-BRED Kawako Shiba.  We may breed Taka in 2017. More importantly we are waiting for the perfect home for this special girl where she will be cherished and adored in the home and have a nice big yard to explore.
AKC, UKC & IABCA Int'l Champion "BRIDGET JONES" Bridgy is our special spoiled girl and basically a golden child that can do no wrong. She is goofy in her own special way and she makes us laugh.  Bridget was a UKC Top 10 Shiba in 2009 & 2010. In typical Shiba fashion Bridget is aloof with her many ring side admirers but is attentive, obedient & loving with her own family. Bridget is fully CHIC health certified with OFA EXCELLENT hips & is a HOME-BRED Kawako Shiba.  Bridget is retired from breeding but might just work on her CKC championship and participate in some barn hunt competitions which she loves and excels at.  She can usually be found sleeping near her kitty companion Ming and using her favorite monkey toy as a pillow.
AKC & IABCA Int'l Champion "FUYU KOFUKU"   Born on winter solstice her name translates to "Winter Joy." Fuyu is CKC pointed and our goal is to finish her UKC and CKC titles. Fuyu is a calm & gentle, yet still mischievious, house pet who keeps us on our toes with her continual counter surfing, something she apparently passes on to her offspring (chuckle).  Her unique personality has lead to many fans and admirers in the Shiba community. Like her mother and grandmother before her, Fuyu is CHIC certified and has OFA excellent hips and is a HOME-BRED Kawako Shiba.  We have two Fuyu's daughters and hope to breed her one more time.  Reservations are highly suggested if you want a Fuyu puppy of your own.