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My Blog
About life on the farm and Shibas of course!

My Youtube videos
I have one long video of Shiba puppies we've sold and a video of Pomeranian puppies too.
I'll make more about the farm and the other animals as time goes on.

My Shiba Artwork on Cafe Press for Sale
My Shiba Artwork on Canvas for Sale
Our Circle M Soay Sheep

National Shiba Club of America
NSCA is the parent club of the Shiba in the US.  This site is full of important information for potential Shiba owners.

Shiba Inu Temperament-
What's good about 'em-
What's bad about 'em.
This is an article which gives you a good description of Shiba characteristics which should help you decide if the breed suits you.

The Misanthropic Shiba
Funny but sarcastic articles about what it is like to live with a Shiba.

Shiba-Dog Site
Lots of great history, scientific studies and general information for Shiba lovers.
(this is a favorite of mine)

Shiba Shake
This is a neat site, great art and good Shiba training advice too.  Check it out, particularly for the Shiba Training Secrets.

Rabies Challenge Fund
Important health information for dog owners about how vaccines, specifically rabies are over used and doing my harm than good to your pets.  I support this fund!

*AKC American KC
*UKC United KC
*CKC Canadian KC
*IABCA International 
*National Shiba Club Of America (NSCA)
* American Pomeranian Club, Inc. (APC) 
*Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA)
American Rottweiler Club(ARC)

*Penn Hip
Patellar Luxation

*Linda McSweeny-Marckelbach
Beautiful original horse paintings
for sale by my cousin.

Animal Rights Groups
*Animal Scam
*PETA overview

General Health
& Nutrition
Do you even know what's in
your pet's food???????
You need to join:
Association for truth in Pet Food
Smoking and Animals
Pets and Second Hand Smoke
About Dogs Sleep

Best grooming table ever!

Show Stuff
3 C's Show Supplies

Dog Classifieds
Unique Dog Names

Unfortunately with owning pets come the
Time to Say Goodbye
Nina Wolf's book is a blessing

How Pets Improve
Human Health
Children and Substance Abuse 
GENERAL Business Resources
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All About Dogs and Cats
All About Dogs and Cats is a resource center for canine and feline lovers. Health, nutrition, breed rescue information, pet supplies, travel with pets.

Upscale dog accessory online store selling dog clothes, collars, beds, carriers, treats, toys and more.

Dog Gift Baskets
The store to go to for unique and lavish gift baskets to pamper your dog or dog lover! We carry an exceptional variety of gift baskets covering everything for your special dog.

Dog Lover Gift Baskets
The store to go to for unique and lavish gift baskets to pamper your dog, cat or pet lover! We carry an exceptional variety of gift baskets covering everything for your special pet.

Dog Magazines
Find dog magazines and journals with free online content.

Dog Supplies
Brand name dog supplies you can depend on including dog beds, dog bowls, dog treats, flea treatments and dog toys.

Pet Doors
Moore Pet Supplies - Official Site for Pet Doors offering a comprehensive selection of dog doors and cat doors for walls, doors, patios, screens and windows.

Pet Supplies for Dogs
Shop pet supplies including dog supplies, cat supplies, grooming tools, aquariums, and more. Save money. Live better.

Puppy Names Plus
Cute puppy names and dog names by the hundreds. Find name categories to fit any and all dogs.

Puppy Supplies
Get affordable dog pet supplies & puppy supplies at Visit our site and view our wide selection of discount pet dog products.

Training Pads
When you are housebreaking your puppy and he must spend longer than usually by himself sometimes it's helpful to put down puppy pads so they at least have a place to relieve themselves.  We find Costco has the most reasonable deal on high-quality puppy training pads. They are also useful if your pet is sick.  We use them in a crate when we take long trips with a caresick puppy or cat.

How Much Does it cost to raise a Dog?
This site has the cost of purchase, upkeep, medical bills, etc.  Pretty scary really but everyone has to know realistically what they are getting into when owning a pet.

All You Ever Need to Know About 
House Breaking
A great article from Animalso that goes through all the steps to house break your
new puppy!

Pet Product Reviews
Here is a site that sends out a weekly pet product review so you can in the know when you go shopping for your dog's food, vitamins, shampoo, etc.
(pronounced cow-a-co she-ba e-new)  

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We've been told it was about time we gave our web site a new updated look so we hope you like it and please report any link, spelling or other mistakes you find.  Hopefully this new resource page will provide you with some thought provoking doggie information.

Some of the things I feel are really important is permenant ID for pets like microchips.  The other thing is safely crating your dog in the car. I will be writing some articles on these things and posting them on my blog.  Another thing I am passionate about is Pet Owner's Rights.  The Animal Rightists will have your rights to own a cat, dog, horse, hamster, reptile, rabbit or any other companion animal taken right away from you if they have their way.  PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THIS IMPORTANT TOPIC.
I really enjoyed this new article brought to my attention from a young lady I just met.  It is about the danger about smoking around  your pets: Smoking and Animals

Here is one about Vaping Around Pets.  For more information on how to care for your lungs please visit :
The American Lung Association

KAWAKO does NOT recommend any of the "puppy financing" agencies advertized on the internet.  Instead we recommend using PayPal Credit. Offering 0% for 6 months on purchases over $99 We accept PayPal with an additional 8.4% charge for tax.

We recommend applying for a CareCredit Card through Synchrony Bank.  Participating Veterinarians will accept CareCredit for bills over $200 and CareCredit offers special 0% interest rates for 6, 12,& 18 months.  The card can also be used for your own health care, dental or even plastic surgery! I must admit I have this card and I use it for the vet all the time.

It is a personal choice whether or not to purchase pet insurance for your pets.  We feel it would be just as good to have a pet savings account at your bank for emergencies or even for regular vet maintenance like teeth cleaning, etc.(KAWAKO does NOT allow their puppy buyers to use The Hanna Society for pet insurance.)

KAWAKO puppies registered with AKC are eligible for 30 days of coverage through AKC Pet Insurance.  All you have to do is activated the policy after you get your puppy home. There is no obligation and no credit card number required to enroll.

KAWAKO also offers one month of free pet insurance through Trupanion Pet Insurance.  An activation lettter is included in the information on the flash drive you recieve with the purchase of your Kawako Shiba.

Puppy Culture is the only puppy training program
Kawako Shiba Inu recommends to their puppy buyers. 
Financing for pets is something that came to my attention while studying puppy mill sites and I thought, hey, why shouldn't we good, responsible breeders offer that same opportunity to folks so they can buy a QUALITY PUPPY from a REAL BREEDER  
Kawako Shiba Inu has no affiliation with these companies so we cannot recommend one over the other but the information is presented for your consideration. 
Everyone with pets should absolutely provide for them in their will or trust.  Check out this site: