We are Cheri Fellinger & Marcel Marckelbach the proud owners of Kawako Shiba Inus and the Little River Show dogs.  We are hobby breeders of Shiba Inus located between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, WashingtonOur dogs are primarily our family pets but about one weekend a month they become show dogs. We have been training & showing dogs for over 30 years and we have the experience to produce well bred, properly raised and socialized puppies, youngsters and trained adult dogs.  Most of all it is our pleasure to place our healthy, happy, quality Shiba puppies in the loving homes of the wonderful individuals and families we get to meet while pursuing a hobby we love. 

A well bred, well raised adult Shiba Inu is truly a thing of beauty and of course Shiba puppies are simply adorable. The Shiba can make a wonderful family dog or make a perfect companion for a single person. Shibas are very attractive dogs, especially to people who don't typically like small dogs. They are clean, quiet, easy to live with dogs that are just the right size for both a house dog and a traveling companion. However, there are some things about Shibas that most people don't know and/or fully understand that you must be aware of before purchasing a Shiba.  Read more about that at our About Shibas page.

That being said, we do not sell puppies strictly via the internet nor do we sell or ship puppies without an in-person visit.  We typically only have puppies when we need a new Shiba to show but sometimes we buy a Shiba puppy from another generous breeder to show and have fun with.  You will just have to check in with us.

You may want to read my BLOG and also visit my site of  Shiba Artwork for sale and my Cafe`Press Shop which offers my work printed on mugs, T-shirts, sweats, tiles, baby items, pins, magnets and other interesting items.  Visit our Mobile Site to see photo albums of our dogs.  Enjoy!


Thank you so much for visiting our site and we would be honored if you would consider
us when looking for a Shiba Inu Puppy in the Pacific Northwest.

SW Washington State, USA
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This page was last updated: 1/31/2015
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